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Career Opportunity

A career in commercial real estate is interesting and challenging; truly exposing an individual to the free market. There are few other vocations that allow someone just joining the workforce a view of the business world from such a high level. A real estate decision impacts corporate strategy. Therefore, in most instances, a commercial real estate agent is dealing with the top officers of organizations on matters that seriously affect the way the business operates.

For a young person with the right mindset and abilities, the prospects are bountiful. Commercial real estate almost always carries one of the largest dollar figures on corporate financial statements, and as a result, helping to make a good real estate choice makes the commercial real estate agent a very valuable commodity. Consequently, a person who is intelligent and who works hard in this business has the potential to reap extremely great financial rewards.


Daily activities are designed to fast-track learning and skills development so that you will more quickly become competent providing service to the standard of excellence that our clients have learned to expect from us. The resulting benefit is that you will enjoy a faster earnings ramp-up period than is normally expected in the industry.

Under the guidance of the Broker of Record, you will obtain critical knowledge to perform exceptionally and will be licensed to operate legally.

General Description

We take a three-pronged approach:

i). Immersion into a learn-by-doing daily regiment.
ii). Introduction to methods and skills.
iii). Demonstration of the secrets of the trade and application of the theory discussion of what actually happened in our market.

Subjects covered include:

  • Ethics in Real Estate Agency

  • Shopping center Investment Strategy and its Impact on Leasing

  • The Players in Our Retail Space market

  • Retail Tenant demographics and Requirements

  • Shopping Centre Structures, Mechanical & Electrical Systems

  • Leasehold Improvements Construction

  • The Retail Tenant Decision-Making Process

  • Contract Documents

  • Marketing Professional Services



Candidates must have tremendous drive and strong interpersonal skills, along with the following list of attributes:

Successful entrepreneurial experience; self-motivated and independent.

Thrive in pressure situations and are confident speaking in public and making presentations standing in front of groups.

A magnetic personality, both in person and on the phone.

Excelled in team sports or in other competitive environments that demand teamwork for success.

If you are interested to know more about this opportunity and you believe you have these qualifications, please email your resume to:

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