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Retail Tenants


Midevco provides professional leasing services to retailers:


  • Negotiating a retail store or restaurant lease isn’t difficult!

(When your leasing negotiations are handled by a professional negotiator)

Finding the right retail lease space, can save and make you thousands of dollars.

  • Midevco helps protect retail tenants’ rights

  • Midevco provides lease space location & negotiating services.


Midevco has grown to become a leader in the retail leasing industry. By serving a wide range of customers, we have developed the expertise needed to help you better understand and negotiate leases with retail property landlords. We help both small and large retailers negotiate their store-space leases, at different development stages.


Midevco acts as the in-house real estate department in your business and is involved in the whole process for a better understanding of the Lease Deal with a greater emphasis on cost reduction.


Benefits of Midevco


  • Midevco simplifies the retail leasing process

  • Midevco saves thousands of dollars on your retail lease

  • Midevco provides professional retail lease negotiating

  • Midevco provides assistance to retail tenants with site location/selection.

  • Midevco, with a combined 40 years experience with the Top Landlords in Canada, gives us the “inside edge” on how tenants lose money, privileges, and benefits during their lease negotiations.

  • Midevco’s extensive retail lease negotiating experience will “tip the scales” in your favor and save you time and money.

  • Midevco provides valuable leasing information for first time retail tenants.

  • Midevco’s proven results will produce dramatic cost savings for years to come.


Questions that have to be asked


  • Are you looking for your “first” – Retail Lease Space?

  • Do you know your rights and responsibilities?

  • Do you know how to find a good retail lease space?

  • Are the lease terms confusing?

  • Do you know how to evaluate a retail lease location?

  • or what your “actual rent payment”

  • Do you know “exactly” how much your retail lease will cost you or what your “actual rent payment” should be?


Midevco can show you how to find a great location and great lease terms

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