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Developers & Landlords


Midevco Commercial Realty Corporation is involved in merchandising, leasing and problem-solving consultation to the Shopping Centre Industry. Generally, “Midevco” is retained on a long-term basis and assumes the role of the developer’s in-house leasing/development coordinator. Each project is approached from a “team” perspective in which the Midevco personnel work closely with the clients, architects, project coordinator, construction contractors, etc. It is the total involvement with each project merchandising, design, and ultimately revenue producing point of view. The principles and leasing managers are available for scheduled meetings with clients (as often as required) to ensure complete communication with regard to pertinent deal points.


In addition to their leasing activities, Midevco offers its clients group a full range of consulting services including development feasibility studies, retail inventory analysis, site assessment reports and remerchandising / re-development alternative reports. A typical development service “Midevco” might provide would be as follows:


  • Work closely with the architect and development team to develop an efficient site plan.

  • Determine market strength and size to determine the scope of the project and whatever phasing may be required to bring the development to its optimum size.

  • Work with the team to develop the most effective lease plan taking into account whatever may be required.

  • Prepare an income program which will reflect market rental rates for the size of the development (i.e.. enclosed VS unenclosed). The income numbers will reflect proposed first and third-year rents to provide an income stream for long-term financing. We will, at the same time, estimate the amount of Tenant improvements and/or inducements that will be required to lease the project.

  • Develop, with the team, an Offer to Lease and a Lease document with the appropriate schedules.

  • Aid in the preparation of the marketing strategy, brochures, press releases, etc.

  • Approach the appropriate anchor tenants and commence the leasing function. The approach will be made after the development team is satisfied with the type and style of tenants to be approached.

  • After securing the anchors we will begin the leasing with the C.R. U .type tenants for the balance of the project.

  • Prepare monthly lease strategy reports to track the leasing function.

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